jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

Maybe you, maybe you know

Who knows. Who is. Who feels.


Who are you?, I ask myself.
I do not answer, however.
I'ld like to know.
How to complete the enigma.

How to complete the enigma
that my senses do not reach.
That my mind can't guess,
complete, fill, find, accept.

Your name. In a sea of unknown.
That you tell me.
Or do you?
If I knew...
But I don't.
I just wonder.
And I look to you.
I love you.
Or do I?
If I knew who you are!
If I knew what is this!

Is there doubt in the universe of the certain?
Is there certainty in the universe of magic?

What are you if not a trick that I have not learned?
What are you if not the song I hear you sing?

Beauty. And so much more.
Without so much more you would not be.
You. Much more makes you special, unique.
The one to love, the one to wonder.

I wonder you. Are you?

You. You. You.
To love? Or not. To love.
To love. That is the question.

Why, when, who.
Because of you.
Because of me.

That is the thing.
When you find it. It is.

To adore? To provoke?
To attack, to invoke?

I invoke you love. Come to me.
I don't love you Love,
I just don't.
I do like you. I do love you.

If I knew you.
If I know you.
Do I?
Do we?
Where?, who?
If I knew!
If you told!

If you heart.
If you sought.
If it were as I want.

I know you.
Or so I think.
Love, go away!
Are you friends of anyone!?
Any reason to be here?
Any reason not to appear?
Are you like colours that we see you different?
A could with a strange shape
that some see in one way.
Some other, other way.

If some say that you are.
Are you?
Mm... I have my doubts,
my friend.
PS: To no one in especial. To no 1. Especial we are. No one, we all.
To you, love. Spilled in atoms in the universe. Or... in the verse.

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